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Here is a website displaying a number of digital reproductions of my work: installations, paintings, drawings, videos and writing.

Art gallery/exhibition/institution/media/social interaction is subject/focus/matter/question/issue/business/substance:

Studies of occurrences or events within certain institutions, create a focus/discussion/critique towards the formalities of the innumerable versions/experiences of the ‘Art World’.

I plan installations to be site specific. The components within the installations (carried out or not) need to create a loop, tied up by a consideration or critique of the space/institution in which they are installed.

 The components/works in their  particular contexts tend towards certain references. These references are historical, literary, satirical, musical, cinematic, theatrical and documentary from my perspective of occurrences. I hope for them to create ties to specific research areas, creating tangents in discussion, in order for the umbrella subject matter (e.g the institution) to be read with some figurative signifiers, creating romantic and specific interest. 

The subjects lend me direct and/or allegorical tools/components in which to discuss a bigger picture.

The works/critiques aren’t always in physical and spacious installation form. They are sometimes speculative of their spacial arrangements, fictitious and diagrammatic, allegories of ideas to be or not to be realised. The components can exist on their own as works and events, but can also be used/displayed together to create different readings, in both post-production and from the point of departure (much like this text).