Comments my Mum has left me on Instagram posts of my artwork:

"I love that one pink yay!"


"Who is she? lol Love it anyway"

"Thank you for a little hope... ly x"

"Love these ! What did you use?"

"Oooo great effect"


"I love this ! it looks old and retro"

"The edges are very clear indeed!"

"I agree !"

"You are a talented son ! amazing ! ( bit spooky tho !) xx"

"I love that nose!"

"lovely ice blue"

"Those lovely feet"


"I like his ruddiness"

"Are you left handed ? I never knew!"

"The hair, the ripples"


"Love the texture"

"I love that !"

"Love this but I am bit biased"

Go through that hole only if you want to see a very shorthand 'Artist's Biography'...

...Ask yourself that again and again until you're sure its not going to be a waste of your time. 

Well done, you've found the hole where I put old work and other bits that may be nice for me to look back on occasionally.

(Beware, the fonts haven't been updated)

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