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BALCONY, 2018 

(Chelsea College of Arts, Degree Show)

Installation components:

-Video (Manners of Entry, on loop) on a screen just outside the space

-Metal bar at my eye height obstructing the entrance

-Unframed, rope hung painting, oil on linen, mounted on board

-Circa 1900 frame displaying remains of a painting

-Vitrine displaying documents with accompanying texts, including: 

    - A copy of The Balcony by Jean Genet

    - A photograph of the artist in the studio from outside

    - A diagrammatic plan for the installation

-'Traditionally' hung, unframed painting, oil on linen, mounted on board

A comment:

"You have presented a ‘complete environment’ that interrogates the limits, context and ‘the imaginary’ of the gallery space/fictional museum/salon, of the art school as institution and of paintings, and how we engage with them. This has been explored with considerable energy in painting, drawing, video (digital animation), and installation. In a wider sense, the work is interventionist both at the level of physical and institutional space. Any conveyance of genuine conviction, or of there being ‘too much at stake’ is put in peril by a playful sense of detachment, neurotic intensity/humour, the one liner, the framed picture…"

- Elizabeth Peebles

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